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Driving School ERP Software

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Techno Services Driving School ERP is comprehensive software that helps car training schools to take care of everything from #inquiry management #fees collection license management #training seducing . It also provides a convenient interface for submitting learner's info to RTO portals. #Full accounts report #mobile friendly . #this software price very low .#free training, #video tutorial, #free online support. 4 Reasons why clients rely on Techno Services for custom Software & Ap.


20. 1.enquery management . 2. admission management 3.payment management 4.all type of RTO online auto from fill, 5. training certificate print 6. auto sms send student for RTO Test, LARNER Receiving, DL Receiving ertc 7. Full accounts


1.Free Training. 2.Free Customize development . 3. 10 am to 6 pm free online support . 4. Free training Video 5. Free cloud storage.

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