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TechnoServices’ Techno bidhha 2.5 College ERP software makes it easy to add, manage and retrieve information about students, teachers and courses. It also helps in streamlining the #online admission process, #managing enquiries and submission / #publishing of results #all type of report #student fees collection &report .#class routine proportion #class wise cross curriculum #students attendance report #Teacher attendance report #student wise profile #documents upload #staff salary #Full accounts report #mobile friendly . #this software price very low .#free training, #video tutorial, #free online support.


1. User creation 2. User permission 3. Academic calendar creation 4. All type of Routines creation 5. Subject wise class creation 6. All type of master creation like cast , subject , group , academic year etc . 7. Student enquiry 8. Enquiry management & report 9. Enroll 10. Admission 11. Student document and report management 12. One click roll no wise student all report and documents’ download 13. I card creation 14. Fees collection 15. Student wise fees report 16. Attendance report 17. Employ management 18. Full accounts 19. All type of Student , Fees , employ ,academic , attendance Report . 20.


1.Free Training. 2.Free Customize development . 3. 10 am to 6 pm free online support . 4. Free training Video 5. Free cloud storage.

College ERP Software Development Company

There are too many ends to running a college or institute. So, efficient and time-effective record-keeping and data management aren’t “should I” but rather essential. To fix this problem or cater to this need, we bring you an advanced college ERP solution that packs features and marvel in abundance.

Technoservices is one of the leading custom software development companies that, on the back of unparalleled track record, have positioned itself as an industry leader. Thousands of our customers trust our software solutions – and so can you.

So, buy the best college management software in Kolkata and achieve higher efficiency that you have wished for all along.

Our Product

It isn’t just a data-entry software. Our college management software is a complete suite, designed uniquely to adequately cater to the distinct requirements and challenges of those who run colleges and institutes. Ours is a large and qualified team of developers who have worked closely with the colleges to create a powerful and robust solution.

Here are some of the many features of our college ERP software:

  • User creation and permission
  • Academic calendar creation
  • All types of routines creation
  • Subject-wise class creation
  • All type of master creation like cast, subject, group, academic year and more
  • Student enquiry
  • Enquiry management and report
  • Enroll and admission
  • Student document and report management
  • One-click roll number-wise students’ document and report download
  • Identity car creation
  • Fees collection
  • Student-wise fees report
  • Attendance report
  • Employ management
  • Full accounts
  • All of student (fee, attendance, academic and more) record
  • So, don’t let all the data and responsibilities bog you down. Our advanced and powerful solution with an intuitive interface has you covered from every angle.

    Why Technoservices?

    Since inception, Technoservices has maintained an unshakable position in the market with superior quality offerings. We now have hundreds of customers, across the country, who trust our products. Our reputation alone speaks volume on “why us”.

    But in case if you’re looking for more reasons why our product is right for you, here are some:

  • Many features at no extra cost
  • Designed uniquely keep in mind the needs of the colleges and institutes
  • Free training and training videos
  • Free online support on working hours
  • Free cloud storage
  • Free customization
  • Continuing with the last one… That’s right, in case if you have any distinct requirement, we’ve got you there. Maybe you need more features, maybe you need some changes in the interface – whatever it may be, our team is at-ready to customize the solution per your needs.

    So, stop over thinking and simplify your operations (and life) today. Buy the best ERP software in India. For more information, please contact Technoservices.

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