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Restaurant Management Software

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Techno services’ #Fudu 2.0 Restaurant Software , which easy to manage Restaurant , This POS software help 3 type of Restaurant work like hotel room food, table booking , home delivery. This software help us #invoicing #all type of report preparation #accounts management #sms service ,#full admin report , #latest KOT preparation, #GST Report , this software very easy to use and low price, free training, video tutorial . mobile friendly ,free online support .


1. Pos system 2. One click pos system 3. Billing 4. Kot 5. Table swipe 6. Product management 7. Home delivery 8. Kitchen management 9. Row mortals purchase 10. Sell report 11. Cook performance report 12. Staff report 13. Full Accounts


1.Free Training. 2.Free Customize development . 3. 10 am to 6 pm free online support . 4. Free training Video 5. Free cloud storage 6.Free payment gateway

Restaurant Management System Software

It’s much more than just “how delicious the food is”. Running a (successful) restaurant has many challenges on the way. To ensure the backend tasks are positioned optimally and that you’re welcoming sufficient revenue, a lot needs to be taken care of in the operations. And this is where you need the best restaurant software that helps you streamline the process (and make your life easier).

As one of the leading software development companies, we bring you a robust restaurant management software. Tried, tested and loved – the solution packs plenty of features that assure to have all your needs covered adequately.

Our Product

The team at Technoservices has worked closely with many restaurant owners to develop this solution. We have put a ridiculous amount of time and energy into creating software that makes running a restaurant (profitably) so much easier. Our restaurant management system software has a user-friendly interface that eliminates confusion and ensures easy adoption. It is intuitive and appealing with plenty of advanced features that take care of different ends of managing a restaurant.

Here are some of the features:
  • POS System
  • One-click POS System
  • Billing
  • KOT generation
  • Table swipe
  • Product management
  • Home delivery
  • Kitchen management
  • Sell report
  • Cook performance report
  • Staff report
  • Full accounts
  • At Technoservices, we believe different restaurants have their own unique needs and requirements. This is why beyond these features, we also offer custom service. Meaning, if you have any unique need – if you’re looking for any specific feature – we would be happy to incorporate it in the solution.

    Why Technoservices?

    So many restaurant owners already use our custom software in Kolkata. This alone speaks volume of why you can trust Technoservices and our products. Over the course, we have managed to maintain an unparalleled track record on the back of our superior quality offerings.

    We don’t just believe in offering the best restaurant software in West Bengal – we believe in offering clients and customers an exceptional experience.

    So, if you purchase our restaurant management software, you will also get free training, free customize development, free videos, free payment gateway and free cloud storage.

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