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With Techno Services #Booka 5.0 Hotel Management software, hoteliers can easily provide a convenient #online booking system to customers, as well as #manage room allocations. #Food management #Room shifting #Room service #Travel desk #split billing #customize invoking, The built-in accounting module simplifies the process of tracking revenues / expenses, and generates comprehensive accounting reports #mobile friendly . #this software price very low .#free training, #video tutorial, #free online support.


1. Online booking management 2. Desk booking management 3. Group booking & single booking management 4. Food Billing 5. Calendar wise booking report 6. Hose kin ping, travels , etc management 7. Gst Billing 8. Bill Backup 9. Single Billing 10. Full accounts 11. Banquette & meeting room booking 12. Extra decoration & services management 13. Payment report 14. User creation 15. User permission


1.Free Training. 2.Free Customize development . 3. 10 am to 6 pm free online support . 4. Free training Video 5. Free cloud storage 6.Free payment gateway

Hotel Booking Management System Development Company

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