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With Techno Services #Booka 5.0 Hotel Management software, hoteliers can easily provide a convenient #online booking system to customers, as well as #manage room allocations. #Food management #Room shifting #Room service #Travel desk #split billing #customize invoking, The built-in accounting module simplifies the process of tracking revenues / expenses, and generates comprehensive accounting reports #mobile friendly . #this software price very low .#free training, #video tutorial, #free online support.


1. Online booking management 2. Desk booking management 3. Group booking & single booking management 4. Food Billing 5. Calendar wise booking report 6. Hose kin ping, travels , etc management 7. Gst Billing 8. Bill Backup 9. Single Billing 10. Full accounts 11. Banquette & meeting room booking 12. Extra decoration & services management 13. Payment report 14. User creation 15. User permission


1.Free Training. 2.Free Customize development . 3. 10 am to 6 pm free online support . 4. Free training Video 5. Free cloud storage 6.Free payment gateway

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Running a hotel isn’t easy! While there are too many ends to take care of, booking and billing are possibly the most stressful ones. Streamlining different bookings, coordinating different guests, billing them individually, and managing your own services – these are time-consuming tasks, painful and inefficient if done manually. To cater to this segment, we bring you an advanced Hotel Booking and Management Software that promises to make your business more profitable and life easier.

Our Product

Over the years, we have worked closely with hotel owners and operators to develop a product that’s exclusive to their unique needs and requirements. Our large team of developers has put in hundreds of hours of rigorous work to make this hotel booking software that, we believe, is the best hotel booking software at present. It packs a plethora of rich features that cover your diverse needs of managing a hotel adequately.

Here are some of its features:

  • Online booking management
  • Desk booking management
  • Group and single booking management
  • Food billing
  • Calendar-wise booking report
  • Housekeeping and travels management software.
  • GST billing
  • Bill backup
  • Single billing
  • Full accounts
  • Banquette and meeting room booking
  • Extra decoration and services management
  • User creation and permission
  • Payment report
  • So, now buy a highly-functional, features-packed hotel booking system software that’s made specifically to make your life so much easier.

    Why Technoservices?

    Our solutions aren’t just made to solve problems but also deliver users an exceptional experience. So, hotel management and hotel reservation software from Technoservices is designed uniquely with an interactive and intuitive interface that cuts the confusion and provides you with a great UX. No more “how do I use it” or “how do I change it”. Everything is simple, straightforward and yet powerful. This is one of the big reasons why this software is already used by so many hotel owners and operators.

    Aside from this, there are many other reasons that make Technoservices and our product a go-to choice. Along with this hotel booking software, we also offer free training, free online support, free training videos, free cloud storage, and free payment gateway. In addition, to make sure that the solution truly maps to your unique requirements, we also offer free customization; so, if you need any distinct feature or changes in the interface, we have you covered.

    Buy this hotel booking system software today and achieve operational efficiency at the backend. For more information, please contact us.
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