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College ERP Software

Techno Services College ERP software makes it easy to add, manage and retrieve information about students, teachers and courses. It also helps in streamlining the online admission process, managing enquiries and submission / publishing of results.


Driving School ERP Software

Techno Services Driving School ERP is comprehensive software that helps car training schools to take care of everything from enquiry management to fees collection. It also provides a convenient interface for submitting learner's info to RTO portals.


Hotel Booking & Management Software

With Techno Services Hotel Management software, hoteliers can easily provide a convenient online booking system to customers, as well as manage room allocations. The built-in accounting module simplifies the process of tracking revenues / expenses, and generates comprehensive accounting reports.


School Result Software

Techno Service's School Result software allows school administration to easily collate student information and marks. The system helps school staff to create tabulation in many different formats. It automatically promotes students to the next class based on pre-defined promotion criteria, as well as allows authorities to easily print mark sheets.


Cold Storage ERP Software

Techno Service has developed comprehensive ERP software which makes it easy to manage a cold storage business. The ERP system helps recording and managing customer information, accounts as well keep tabs on status of storage bonds issued to customers.

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Techno Service Business Software Offers the Ultimate Convenience


Any Time / Anywhere Access

Our business software can be accessed from any computer, which allows you to manage your business from anywhere.


No software installation required

Our business software can be accessed via a web browser, so you don't have to bother about installing and upgrading the software manually.


Scalable & Upgradable

Start with one user subscription and scale-up when your business grows. We also update the softwareregularly, and you can easily start enjoying the updates by logging into your account.

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